Services at a glance

  • Consulting Assignment: Research, analysis, advice and reporting
  • On Call Help Desk: Help via email, phone or on-site visit

Our capabilities

Our consulting staff are educated Ph.D. and Master graduates specifically matched to the problem peculiar to your organization. Computer Aided Technology follows strict software engineering policies that are public, accepted and open to your review.

This service comes in two forms: an ad hock on demand email and/or on call Help Desk, or a strict and formal Consultation Assignment project. Each valuable in its own right.

Consultation Assignment

A Consultation Assignment is custom built to the need in question. It can have the following elements: research, analysis, advice, quotes, demonstrations, documentation and a final report.

Generally speaking an organization asks for a Consultation Assignment when they want to receive a formal written document outlining how they should proceed in a given situation.

The final formal document contains a summary of the problem in question followed by a recommended solution that has been thoroughly researched and documented with references and price quotes.

Up on request from the client this can exclude Computer Aided Technology from quoting on the project - further ensuring the quality of the report.

On Call Help Desk

The On Call Help Desk comes in two flavours:

  • Mini Consultation Assignment
  • On Call Help Desk

The Mimi Consultation Assignment is similar to the regular Consultation Assignment except that it is not a formal process. The customer only wants advice and does not care to receive a formal document.

The On Call Help Desk can be designed at three levels:

  1. Email help only
  2. Telephone help only
  3. Email and Telephone help
  4. On-Site help (includes all the other levels)

An agreed upon acceptable response delay is negotiated.

Software Programming

Services at a glance

  • Software Engineering: Custom designed and built software
  • Modification Engineering: Modification of off-the-shell products (programs you buy from a store) or in-house programs (programs custom built for you)
  • Inter-operability Engineering: Intercommunication and data sharing between products (where possible)

Our capabilities

All our programmers have a university degree or have been programming at a high standard for many years.

Software projects we have worked on include:

  • Fetal Imaging
  • Neural Signal Imaging
  • Factory Process Control and Management
  • Robotic Controls and Construction Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated Web and Server Solutions
  • Flow Meter Calculator
  • Accounting
  • Cash Register
  • And many other ...

Software projects we are developing in-house:

  • The Virtual Office (your company's presense on the web - not a web site)
  • The Prometheus Project (AI and Robotics)

Software Engineering

We adhere to standard engineering procedures:

  • Development of a formal Requirements Document, Cost Matrix and Timeline
  • Development of a Specifications Document for Programmers
  • Build the program
  • Test, Quality Assurance, Client integration in testing
  • Installation and training

A software engineering specialist will meet with you to develop a Preliminary Design Document that will outline the solution and cost range. Once this has been approved then the software engineering process will begin, as outlined above.

We develop software using a toolbox of engineering methods that we select to match best with your project. This toolbox contains methods like: The Waterfall Method, Clean Room Method, Spiral Method, Extreme Programming, and many more.

Modification Engineering

Modification Engineering takes a pre-built software package, normally NOT an off-the-shelf package but one that was built in-house. We take over the project and add features to the program, bring it to completion if there were problems or the project was out of control, or repair it if the program was not functioning properly in the first place.

Modification Engineering can also be performed on off-the-shelf packages if the package has the modification capability already built-in or the company owning the software rights permits this.

Inter-Operability Engineering

Inter-Operability Engineering is the idea that two or more software programs share data or communicate between each other.

With off-the-shelf software packages that do not permit modification of the program, we can use inter-operability Engineering to attempt to write programs that access the program's databases and there-by insert or extract information into/from that system.

If the off-the-shelf program provides an importing or exporting feature then information can be inserted or extracted and then shared with your other programs. We develop programs to facilitate this functionality.

Finally, this can also be done with in-house programs (not off-the-shelf). This is the most flexible and easiest form of Inter-Operability Programming. This can occur with stand-alone or networked / internet-connected computers.

Website Development

Services at a glance

  • Existing Site Management: Web site management and maintenance
  • New Site Creation: Web site design and construction

Our capabilities

We have invested in the best tools to help manage, modify or create your web site(s). From HTML, Flash, CSS, Perl, Java, Python and PHP, we do it all. We are partnered with services that also provide high quality hosting plans at special prices and services through Computer Aided Technology.

Our experience in web database development, on-line store transaction processing and customer accessibility to order status is second to none.

We have artists that can design your logo, animators that can capture motion for your web site, web programmers that can develop in HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, Java, Pyhton and PHP.

Existing Site Management

This service comes in two flavours:

  • Transfer: In Transfer, you agree to move your web site to our hosting point, given that our services are better and you would like to have them. This gives us full control over your web site and is our preferred mode of development.
  • Stay: In Stay, your web site is hosted on your existing service and all development is carried out there.

Existing Site Management has the following features:

  • Analysis: We offer this feature to clients who are concerned about the performance of their web site. We do a detailed analysis on the following: speed, robustness, broken links, and algorithm error checking.
  • Advertisement: We offer this feature to clients who want to make sure that their web site is available on search engines and that other related web circles know about and link to their site.
  • Management: We offer this feature to clients who do not have someone that takes care of their web site on a day-to-day basis. This feature comes in two flavours - Simple and Continuous. In Simple we just make sure from time-to-time (this cycle is determined together with you) the integrity of your web site and we are available on-call to do changes to your site. In Continuous your information needs to be updated on a regular basis, and so we can provide for this.
  • Modification Development: This feature is provided to clients when they want a set of changes to be made to their web site. We come in and make those changes for you.

New Site Creation

This service comes in three flavours:

  • External Hosting: In External Hosting, you already have a service provider and we work under their provisions.
  • We Host: In We Host, your site is given an account on our hosting service.
  • You Host: In this case either we help you do this or you have this already setup, in either case you are using your own company server to host the web site.

New Site Creation has the following features:

  • Design Site: We design the site on paper and the art with page layout but we do not build the site.
  • Build Site: In this service we design and build the site for you.
  • Manage Build: In this service someone else is building the site and we have be asked to help manage this build or provide for quality control.

Post Site Support:

  • Help Desk Services: In this option you are managing your own site but you would like the option of having email or phone support from us. Response delay is negotiated with you.
  • Existing Site Management: this option has already been discussed in the previous column.

Web Hosting

Services at a glance

  • Simple Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Transaction Hosting
  • Volume Hosting

Our capabilities

The following features, and more, are available as standard on all web sites. If there is something not listed on our site then just ASK.

  • Affordable Pricing and Disk Space: Hosting prices starting from $15/CDN
  • Automatic Backup of Site: Your web site is always backed up daily on our servers
  • Development Site with Posting: We provide you will the software that allows you to develop your web site on your local computers so that you an preview your site before it becomes public. Once you are satisfied then the site it made public, replacing your previous site.
  • On-Line Site Management: All our site's features can be managed remotely over the web. Except for some server side options. For these you would need to contact us.
  • Email Accounts and Address Forwarding: This comes standard with all our sites.
  • Run-time environments for: HTML, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, PERL, PYTHON, and CGI.
  • Optional:
    • Turn-Key Management: We manage the web site for you.
    • Backup Site: We maintain a backup site that can be quickly reset.
    • Web Site Development: Click HERE for information.

Simple Hosting

We provide you with a web site URL, public hosting space, automatic backup of site, development site with posting, on-line site management, email accounts and address forwarding. You manage the site. Help/support is provided through email. Prices start at $15/CDN.

Managed Hosting

This includes Simple Hosting, plus the following optional features:

  • Account Management: We take care of all the on-line and back end management of the web site and its internet connections.
  • Robustness Testing: On an agreed upon frequency, we validate the integrity of your web site and compatibility with different web browsers. We then submit a report with recommendations and optionally a quote to you.
  • Cyclic Updates: This is needed only if you need to make frequent updates to your web site and would like that to be handled by us.
  • On-Call Support: In addition to email support telephone support is offered.
  • On-Site Support: Where available, this can also be arranged.

Transaction Hosting

This service is provided to customers who would like to run an on-line store or other establishment that requires banking and billing transactions.

This service includes everything in Managed Hosting plus the following optional features:

  • Store Design: We develop a design document, graphics and page layout for you. We do not build the site.
  • Store Development: We design and build the site for you.
  • Banking Setup: We take care of setting up the transaction features of the web site with your bank or we provide a financial service provider (a bank).
  • Banking Management: We manage any banking problems between you and the financial institution.
  • Transaction Database Management: We manage the order requests from your web site. We transmit a report and/or email to you when that has occurred. You manage the remainder of the process. We update the databases to reflect that the order was completed and shipped.
  • Your Client Email Management: We provide the front-end communication between your client and your business. They communicate fist with us not you. This ensures a rapid reply when you may not be able to.

Volume Hosting

This feature simply means that there are discounts for volume usage. You will need to discuss your expected usage with us to get an understanding of what the discounts may be.

Network Management

Services at a glance

  • Network needs determination and design
  • Network management and support
  • Network installation

Our capabilities

Network specialists come at three levels. A level 1 network specialist knows about networks, how they run and how to configure them. A level 2 network specialist knows, in addition, how to install a network server, interconnect workstations, run wires and diagnose all network issues. A level 3 network specialist is considered to be an expert knowing everything about a computer network, setting it up, configuring, diagnosing problems and repairing all problems. Level 3 specialists are often certified or have been working as an apprentice to an expert for many years.

Our team of network specialists contain level 1, level 2 and level 3 individuals who know the Windows and Unix networking environments.

Based on your phone call or a diagnostic visit with a level 2 specialist we play match-maker and properly match the specialist to the need you possess.

Network Needs Determination and Design

A level 2 specialist visits your site and conducts a thorough examination of your establishment, networking needs and priorities.

Then a report is created presenting our recommendation, with a timeline and quote, for how your network should be designed.

Upon request, the report can contain quotes not from Computer Aided Technology. This further ensures the veracity of the report.

Network Management and Support

This service is offered to customers who already have a network installed. In this case the client wants someone to help them manage their network. This service comes in a few flavours:

  • On-call Support: Our on-call support service simply permits you to call us when you have a problem. We then come in to diagnose and fix the problem or attempt to solve the problem over the phone. This is a standard offer to all clients. Our normal response time would be 48 hours or less (normally next day service). For an additional fee a guaranteed response time can be negotiated.
  • Cyclic Support: Is offered to clients who want, on a regular basis, someone to physically come to their site to perform routine operations on the network, changes, updates, performance testing and network health reports. The period for these cyclic visits is negotiated.
  • Network Management: This is offered to clients who need someone physically at their site multiple days in every week. This individual performs all standard network administrator activities for the network.

Modification Engineering can also be performed on off-the-shelf packages if the package has the modification capability already built-in or the company owning the software rights permits this.

Network Installation

Given that a network design has already been developed and accepted by the client...

We then create a network layout map. Once you approve this our specialists come to install the network and any supporting software (if needed).

Training can also be provided at this point.

Corprate Training

Services at a glance

  • Office Training
    • Office Automation
    • Productivity tools
    • Operating Systems
    • First time users
  • Professional Training
    • Programming
    • Software Engineering
  • On-call Support

Our capabilities

Unlike almost all the competition, the corporate training staff of Computer Aided Technology consists of university professors. This ensures that the education you receive is the best in the industry. In addition to these leading experts we have "in-the-trenches" users and programmers that are present and add content to the training you receive.

All training is designed specifically for your case. All education is of the highest quality.

Office Training

This service if for non-computer technical individuals. This service is needed when you want your staff to be able to use the software in your company to the best of their abilities using all the features of the software with expert skill. This includes office staff, secretarial skills, accounting and process management.

We will even learn your software and then train you on it.

Some of the courses we offer:

  • First time computer user
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Windows XP
  • AccPac and Quicken accounting
  • Using the internet
  • Internet search engine skills

Professional Training

This service is for computer technical individuals. The training they receive here will make them better computer developers.

Some of the courses we offer:

  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Perl Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering Skills

On-Call Support

After your staff has been trained they may still want to have support. We offer an on-call service that continues to improve their skills on the software they have been trained on. The support is given over the phone with the option of someone physically going to your offices if more direct help is needed.