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  • Office Training
    • Office Automation
    • Productivity tools
    • Operating Systems
    • First time users
  • Professional Training
    • Programming
    • Software Engineering
  • On-call Support

The BEST in the Industry

Unlike almost all the competition, the corporate training staff of Computer Aided Technology consists of university professors. This ensures that the education you receive is the best in the industry. In addition to these leading experts we have "in-the-trenches" users and programmers that are present and add content to the training you receive.

All training is designed specifically for your case. All education is of the highest quality.

We offer:

  • On-site or off-site lessons
  • Private tutorials
  • Class room lessons
  • Seminars

Office Training

This service if for non-computer technical individuals. This service is needed when you want your staff to be able to use the software in your company to the best of their abilities using all the features of the software with expert skill. This includes office staff, secretarial skills, accounting and process management.

We will even learn your software and then train you on it.

Some of the courses we offer :

  • First time computer user
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Windows XP
  • AccPac and Quicken accounting
  • Using the internet
  • Internet search engine skills

Email us if you want us to train you on something not in this list. We probably can! Click HERE.

Professional Training

This service is for computer technical individuals. The training they receive here will make them better computer developers.

Some of the courses we offer:

  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Perl Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering Skills

Email is if you want us to train you on something not in this list. We probably can! Click HERE.

On-Call Support

After your staff has been trained they may still want to have support. We offer an on-call service that continues to improve their skills on the software they have been trained on. The support is given over the phone with the option of someone physically going to your offices if more direct help is needed.

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