Computer Aided Technology
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Since 1988 we have been providing consulting and software programming services to industry and professional organizations.

From advice on how to build a modern integrated software solution, web presence, or network infrastructure; From custom designing and building process control software, web sites, management solutions, robotic controls, medical software and experimental software systems; We have done it all.

Our professionals are experienced and university trained. Experts in the fields of Software Engineering, Database Design, Internet Systems, Process Control, Robotics, Education and much more.

In addition to all this we have highly skilled educators that are motivated to get your work force productive.

Services in a nutshell
  • Consulting
    • Research, analysis, advice and reporting
    • Help
  • Software Engineering
    • Custom designed and built software
    • Modification of off-the-shell products
    • Intercommunication and data sharing between products (where possible)
  • Internet Solutions
    • Web Hosting
    • Web site management and maintenance
    • Web site design and construction
  • Network Solutions
    • Network needs determination and design
    • Network management and support
    • Network installation
  • Hardware Solutions (offered in conjunction with other projects)
  • Corporate Training
    • Productivity tools and Operating Systems
    • Programming
    • Software Engineering
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